April 22, 2015
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Countdown to Zero: Defeating Disease in the 21st Century

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       Students  in front of the American Museum of  Natural History on March 28th.

Students in front of the American Museum of Natural History. Photo Credit: Peter DeBartolo.

A lot can be said about the evolution of disease through the years. The Countdown to Zero exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History outlined many popular diseases worldwide. Although cures have been created for some of the most infectious illnesses, we are far from being in a disease free world. Many initiatives are in place to distribute treatment medications and preventative measures for those living in under-developed areas with little access to health resources.

As a new generation rises to roles of leadership and innovation, we must work together to eradicate deadly diseases and end the painful suffering that occurs from preventable and treatable sickness. It might seem like an ambitious goal, but the benefits from its success will be extremely valuable.

Tagged: Levermore Global Scholars