October 27, 2017
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Kazi Rezwan

Adelphi University

Kazi Rezwan, or “Rez” as he’s known, began in Adelphi’s Office of Information Technology the summer before he began as a student at Adelphi. He was hired to be an IT purchasing clerk for Bobby Handa, head of IT Procurement.

According to Rezwan, there are a myriad of reasons why he decided to attend Adelphi University in order to study computer science and math. The first reason is that his older sister attended Adelphi and he got to experience the campus before his college search began. He had also heard about the great professors at Adelphi and received a scholarship after he was accepted. Ultimately, however, his biggest criterion was that he wanted to stay close to home in Woodside, Queens. “I like living at home and wouldn’t want to leave.”

Before coming to Adelphi, Rezwan attended Hunter College High School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, an elite school for intellectually gifted students. He credits his time there for helping him prepare for university. “Hunter led [me] off on the right foot,” he said.

It also helped him learn the value of time management. The rigorous course work forces some of the students to come up with their own method of time management, he said. They key thing, Rezwan mentions, is keeping on top of things. “It’s a big deal. The sooner you learn how to manage your time, the easier it is”.

Rezwan’s parents are from Bangladesh and entered a lottery system and got the paperwork they needed to move to the United States. “[They] basically won the lottery.” He’s visited his parents’ home country several times.

When he first came to Adelphi he joined the Muslim Student Association and was involved in organizing student newsletters. In his Freshman and Sophomore year, Rezwan was part of the Information Security Club. Unfortunately, a heavier course load and a promotion at work has left him little time for groups or clubs. “I’m usually in class or working,” he said.

Recently, Rezwan was promoted to Student System Administrator and works with Fred Hicks, Director of Network and Communications, and one other student. He likes his new position and thinks it will be more beneficial to his future. “I’m getting experience that’s applicable to the stuff I’m going to be doing in the future”.

Because of his hard work at Hunter College High School, Rezwan came to Adelphi with 28 credits and plans on graduating early in December 2017. After graduation, he plans to focus on getting certifications to help in his desired field of Cyber Security and look for a job at a security firm.

For right now, Rezwan is happy being a student. “I can’t picture anything past graduation next year, he said. “It hasn’t sunk in yet that school will be done.”


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