November 9, 2016
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New This Fall: Minor in Public Health

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Nursing Students Get Experience Through PracticeStarting with the Fall 2016 semester, undergraduate students can take advantage of a new academic option: a minor in public health—open to all undergrads regardless of their major discipline. The goal of this new offering is to expose students majoring in nursing or other health-focused areas to the complementary curriculum of public health.

“It’s a wonderful way for students to explore it and get a taste of it even if they don’t continue to the graduate level,” explains M. Pilar Martin, M.D., assistant professor of public health and director of the Master of Public Health program at Adelphi’s College of Nursing and Public Health.

“It’s a natural extension of the curriculum since we already have a graduate program in public health. In the future, we plan to open an undergraduate major in public health as well,” she pointed out.

The course work for the public health minor is designed to introduce students to prevention issues, community health practices and the local, state, national and international agencies providing public health services. The minor consists of three required courses covering a range of subjects including basic biology, human anatomy, foundations of public health, social and behavioral aspects of health, and health and human rights. Those selecting this minor will also choose two electives from six options, which will include classes on disaster preparedness and human sexuality.

“So many students are interested in the public health minor,” Dr. Martin said. “Plus, it’s the recommendation of the Institute of Medicine that medical professionals all have some exposure to public health.”

Check out Adelphi’s public health programs for more information.

—Adapted from a story by Sally Wadyka in the College of Nursing and Public Health’s Fall 2016 Illuminations

Tagged: Adelphi University, College of Nursing and Public Health, Transfer Students