October 26, 2017
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Nursing and Public Health Students Among Research Conference Awardees

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The College of Nursing and Public Health’s Stella Uwechia, pursuing a master’s in healthcare informatics, won a graduate oral presentation award at Adelphi’s 14th annual Research Conference in April 2017.

Her winning presentation: “Is E-Prescribing Succeeding in the Fight Against Medication Errors in Hospital Settings?” Her faculty adviser: Ulrich Rosa.

Honorable mention in the undergraduate e-Poster category went to nursing majors Hank Oppenheimer, Kemeisha Patterson, Shavene Pusey, Inessa Borukhova and Howard Warkow for “Peripheral IV Catheter Replacement Methods to Decrease Phlebitis Rates.” Faculty adviser: Clarilee Hauser, clinical assistant professor at the College.

A year earlier, several teams of undergraduates and one Master of Public Health student were among those singled out.

Associate Professor Edmund Pajarillo, Ph.D., served as faculty adviser for three outstanding undergraduate teams of nursing students—with one team of students winning in the undergrad oral presentations category and two others earning honorable mentions in podium and oral presentations.

The winning team in undergrad oral presentations—Christie Delligatti, Inshan Alli, Veronica Kelleher, Nicole Napolitano and Ashley Perez—presented on reducing risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia in ICU patients.

The undergrad honorable mention in oral presentations went to Alyssa Harper, Angela Park, Brianne Clarke and Jay Lee for an evidence-based project on whether dog therapy or art therapy is better as a coping mechanism. Honorable mention for poster presentations went to: Amandip Samra, Nicole Sogliuzzo, Chandler Messina and Casey Hasher, focused on electronic medical records helping cut medication errors among geriatric patients.

Among e-Poster presentations, Dr. Hauser was faculty adviser to the team earning undergraduate honorable mention: Neeta Jadonath, Christine Koyithara, Genna Giordano and Lauren Bethon for “The Effects of Surgical Safety Checklists on Surgical Errors.”

Mina Gafary, the College’s graduate winner in e-Poster presentations, focused on catheter-associated urinary tract infections in bladder cancer patients. Assistant Professor Tonya Samuel, Ed.D., advised.

The event represents Adelphi’s ongoing commitment to research and scholarship. Nearly 70 undergraduate and 10 graduate nursing students came away with awards.

Tagged: College of Nursing and Public Health