May 21, 2014
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Political Science Department Awards and Honors

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Pi Sigma Alpha

 Pi Sigma Alpha is the national Political Science Honor Society, with over 700 chapters at most leading colleges and universities in the United States. The qualifications for membership at Adelphi’s chapter include: 1) at least four courses (including one course at the 300 level) in political science with a “B-” or better in each, 2) Overall Political Science GPA of 3.5 or higher, and 3) Overall university QPA of at least 3.0. It is not necessary to be a political science major to join. Students who are eligible will receive an invitation to join in mid—February. New Pi Sigma Alpha members and their families will  be invited to the senior dinner, attended by the faculty, and graduating seniors and their families, for induction. Membership makes one eligible to compete for lucrative national Pi Sigma Alpha competitions and awardsIncluding best senior thesis and Washington D.C. internship stipends. Additionally, joining accentuates academic achievement and organizational involvement, qualities that are of interest to many employers and graduate schools.

New Members Include:

  • Shannyn Ball 
  • Jasmine Brown 
  • Sarah Cinquemani 
  • Jaimie Fitzgerald 
  • George Giakoumis 
  • Gabriel Hardy-Françon 
  • Michael Khayan 
  • Jennifer Lin 
  • Colleen Raga 
  • Kristie Ranchurejee 
  • Melissa Salama 
  • Alexa Savino 
  • Sebastian Souchet 
  • Erica White 
  • Meaghan Wood

Departmental Awards

Departmental honors are conferred on students who have a QPA of 3.5 or better in the major and have completed a seminar with a “B” or higher.  

Majors Who are Expected to Graduate with Departmental Honors in 2014 are:  

  • Gabriella Ali Marino 
  • Heena Arora 
  • Shannyn Ball 
  • John Bourquin 
  • Jaimie Fitzgerald 
  • Meghan Lombardo 
  • Mahnoor Misbah 
  • Linda Naumann 
  • Brian Roberts 
  • Sindre Viksand 
This piece appeared in the Political Science Newsletter Spring 2014 edition.
Tagged: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Political Science