December 6, 2016
Tagged: Adelphi University

Producing the Trip to Bountiful



To produce an Oscar-winning feature film, you need to collaborate successfully with artists to convert ideas and concepts into action. You need to advocate for a vision and ensure that that vision is carried out.

These creative and executive skills translate well into academic leadership, says Adelphi University Provost and Executive Vice President Sam L Grogg, Ph.D.

He would know.

Dr. Grogg has produced a number of films, including The Trip to Bountiful, the critically acclaimed 1985 film for which actor Geraldine Paige won an Academy Award.

On the occasion of the airing of the film on the TCM network, Dr. Grogg spoke about the surprising similarities between being a provost and producer. Today, he is a producer of and advocate for the life-changing academic experiences of Adelphi students. 

Tagged: Adelphi University
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