May 27, 2016

2016 Parents Association Award Winners

Senior Awards

Lisa Marino, 1st Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Christine M. Riordan

Lisa Marino, 1st Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Christine M. Riordan

1st Place Award Winner

Lisa Marino

The First Place Recipient of the Parents’ Association Award is Lisa Marino. Lisa is an Environmental Studies major in the Scholar Teacher Education Program minoring in Biology. She graduates with a cumulative GPA of 3.888. Her essay began with the quote, “The journey of our lives is not just about the destinations we have reached. Our wisdom, education and personal growth come from the people we meet, the paths we choose to follow and the lessons we have learned along the way. (Unknown)” She continues by saying, “Adelphi has provided me the opportunity to immerse myself in my goals by positively challenging and pushing me to reach my personal best.” Her resume certainly reflects this through her many campus activities, community service activities, internships, and honors and awards received while at Adelphi. One of her advisers wrote in her recommendation letter that it is not just Lisa’s achievements that make her deserving of this award but it is HOW she has achieved what she has. The adviser wrote, “One can readily see how Lisa’s leadership, scholarship and citizenship benefit the Adelphi community. Lisa’s achievements are infused with genuine concern for others. Lisa is exceptional in her caring determination to make everything she is involved in better for each member of the group.” When we asked Lisa what her personal definition of citizenship is she said that it is “making sure you are not always taking but giving back too.” When asked about her leadership style she said that leadership “is not a solo performance” and that she believes that “everybody should succeed.” She told us that her vision for herself in five years is to have her own classroom where she can see her students succeed and “meet THEIR goals and passions.” Next year, Lisa will be a member of the Bellmore-Merrick Public School Internship Program where we know she will carry over her caring and commitment to others. She told us that she “won’t do something unless totally invested.” Bellmore-Merrick is lucky to be welcoming Lisa…we wish her well in all her future endeavors!

Rohit Singla, 2nd Place Senior Award Winner

Rohit Singla, 2nd Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Christine M. Riordan

2nd Place Senior Award Winner

Rohit Singla

Rohit Singla is the Second Place recipient of the AUPA Award for Citizenship, Leadership and Scholarship. Rohit has earned a cumulative GPA of 3.97 at the Honors College, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. He has completed his graduation requirements a year ahead of schedule and still finds the time to audit classes such as National Economy and Principles of Management “just because {he} is interested in the subject.” Next year he will be attending dental school. In his essay Rohit wrote, “…it hit me that education is really what you make of it and I am doing my absolute best to take advantage of all the opportunities that I will not get after undergrad.” In his interview he spoke with pride of his accomplishment as a freshman, becoming the founder and President of the A Capella group “Paws and Rewind.” He has participated in many community service activities as well. He told the Parents’ Association that he has “balanced everything and it has made {him} a better person.” In his words, “It is important for the Adelphi student citizen to not only have pride in being a panther, but to portray it well and represent Adelphi in the best way possible.” The Parents’ Association congratulates Rohit for doing just that!

Alexandra Rose Wurglics - 3rd Place Senior Award Winner

Alexandra Rose Wurglics 3rd Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Christine M. Riordan

3rd Place Award Winner

Alexandra Rose Wurglics

Alexandra Rose Wurglics is the Third Place recipient of the AUPA Award for Citizenship, Leadership and Scholarship. Alex is an Honors College student majoring in History, minoring in Anthropology and is a Scholar Teacher Education Program student with a 3.89 GPA. She anticipates receiving her Masters from Adelphi next spring and hopes to become a high school Social Studies teacher although she is ready to embrace “what else is out there”. She deeply appreciates the “uniqueness” of the education she has received, the encouragement to accept leadership positions, and the opportunity to engage in community service here and abroad. Alex’s experience studying abroad has made a tremendous impact on her. While in Rome she volunteered to distribute breakfast to the homeless on a weekly basis and created a research project about American student’s perspectives of Roman homeless. In her essay she stated, “Not only did I bring Adelphi abroad and allowed my education to shape my perspective as a global citizen, but I brought Rome back to Adelphi as I presented this very unique perspective at Adelphi’s Research Day in the hopes that other students may become global citizens themselves.” In her interview with us, she spoke with such passion of the experience that we could envision her carrying an Adelphi banner with her into Rome and then proudly carrying it back to Adelphi campus on her return. Thank you, Alex for sharing your journey with us as well!

Parent Recognition Awards

Lisa Marino, 1st Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Christine M. Riordan

Mother Stephanie Kane with daughter Fallon Kane ’16 at her graduation.

Stephanie Kane, Mother
Fallon Kane ‘16

This year the Parent Recognition Award goes to Stephanie Kane, the Mother of graduating Senior, Fallon Kane. In her essay, Fallon eloquently wrote about the strength of her Mother. She described Stephanie as a “pillar of strength”, “fiercely loyal”, and as a “sunny, warm, brave woman”. Fallon’s Father passed away when Stephanie was pregnant with Fallon and her twin brother. When the twins were six months old, Stephanie had to sell her engagement and wedding rings in order to make ends meet. Years later Stephanie told her children that she didn’t need the rings because she “didn’t need things to represent all the love she had in her heart for her family.” In her essay Fallon says, “At the end of the day, the best thing my mother has done to support me is teach me how to be positive, and how to love myself and be grateful for opportunities. Life can be hard. Life can try to take you down. But what is important is to get back up, give thanks for the good things in life.” On that note, Stephanie and Fallon were unable to attend the brunch to accept the award because Fallon’s twin brother’s graduation took place on the same day. Apparently, her mother’s latest mantra is something like “thank goodness at least you’re not triplets”…we would expect nothing less from this extraordinary woman. Congratulations to the Kane kids on their graduations and their Mom for earning the Parent Recognition Award!

The Parent's Association Board Member with the winners of the 2016 Senior Awards at the Parent Senior Brunch.

The Parent’s Association Board Member with the winners of the 2016 Senior Awards at the Parent Senior Brunch.

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