Danielle Hyatt ’16: Providing a Voice for Others While Finding Her Own


Danielle Hyatt


June 26, 2017

Danielle Hyatt ’16: Providing a Voice for Others While Finding Her Own


My experience at Adelphi has been extraordinary. This university has given me access to lifelong friends, a network of fantastic businessmen and women, and a chain of unforgettable memories. Adelphi has also granted me the opportunity to build my very own solid link within the business world. My passion for marketing was nothing new when I started at Adelphi. At 13 years old, I assisted a local real estate office in my hometown with their digital and print marketing. Working for an individual whom I now consider to be family, I continue to manage all digital and print marketing for his office to this day. During my sophomore year at Adelphi, I decided to expand beyond the local office.

Through the aid of Professor Halloran, I landed a marketing internship at the Penn Mutual Life Planning Group. I had no idea I’d be working as an Associate there up until I graduated. After my first few months, I felt I needed a challenge that would transcend the bounds of marketing. When my boss offered me the chance to learn more about the finance and insurance industry, I didn’t hesitate to accept. I must admit, however, that I hadn’t thought about what the process truly entailed. The following four months were filled with more books, index cards, tears, coffee, and studying than I had ever undergone for any college class. After three hours of sitting for the exam in a musty cubicle with a camera monitoring my every move, I had reached the ‘Submit’ button on the bottom of the page. Subsequently, a small box popped up onto the computer screen with good news, and I smiled for what felt like the first time in those four months. Having had no background in insurance prior to this internship, I had passed. This achievement alone motivated me to explore what else I could do.

Besides managing social media campaigns, event planning, recruiting activities, and creating and designing the Life Planning Group Agency Newsletter, I knew I had more still to contribute. When news hit of a video contest across all offices and branches nationwide, I couldn’t resist taking initiative. Together with my coworkers, I directed and edited “A Day in the Life of a Penn Mutual Intern.” Though I felt more confident hitting the ‘Submit’ button this time around, I had no idea that our video would win first place within the entire organization.

Currently, as I sit at my desk in my full-time position at IBM as a digital consultant, I’m working on a project to better the lives of veterans by assisting them through their transition back to civilian life. Through a series of interviews with multiple veterans, I aim to provide them with both a louder voice, as well as better opportunities once they return home from their services.

Overall, my internship experiences have taught me that there are no limits to my personal success. I have proven to myself that pushing the boundaries and stepping outside my comfort zone has only helped me and got me to where I am today. There will always be a new skill I can and will learn, some new contest to win, collaboration with coworkers, and most importantly a constant motivation to achieve more. Ultimately, Adelphi has enabled me to develop a sense of confidence in the business world that otherwise would have remained untapped, and for that, I am forever grateful.


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