August 15, 2019

George Striker Fellowship Awards

George Stricker was a member of the Derner faculty for many years, Dean of Derner for 10 years, and a Distinguished Research Professor at Adelphi University until his retirement about ten years ago. Dr. Stricker has authored over 20 books and has received two APA Awards, one for Distinguished Contributions to Applied Psychology, the other for his Career Contribution to Education and Training in Psychology. He has served as President of Division 12 (Clinical Psychology) and was President for three years of the Society for Personality Assessment. He was a loved member of our community. After retiring from Adelphi University, the administration, Dr. Stricker’s colleagues, as well as a host of former students, decided to establish a Stricker Fund; alumni, faculty, and students alike have provided substantial contributions towards the fund.

This year’s George Stricker Fellowship applicants were of very high caliber and should all be commended on their accomplishments.

Michael Katz. Michael published five peer reviewed journal articles and presented at multiple conferences. His expertise is in psychotherapy process and outcome for depression, the relation of attachment style to therapist evaluation of social anxiety/avoidance, the termination process, and suicidal behavior in adolescents. He has done much of his work under the supervision of Dr. Mark Hilsenroth. For these impressive contributions, the committee voted Michael an award of $12,000.

Adam Natoli. Adam published two peer reviewed papers, book chapters, presented at various conferences, and submitted a grant proposal. His work covers assessment from both methodological and theoretical perspectives, with a focus on personality. Adam worked under the supervision of Dr. Robert Bornstein. For his contributions, the committee awarded Adam $3,000.

Tanya Saraiya. Tanya authored two peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and presented at conferences. Her area of interest is PTSD. Her work involves social cognition and emotion in relation to the development and treatment of PTSD. She investigates these variables as they relate to culture and gender. Tanya worked under the supervision of Denise Hien. For her contributions, the committee awarded Tanya $3,000.

Zeynep Sahin was granted honorable mention. Zeynep has published three peer review journal articles, contributed to a therapy manual, and presented at conferences. Her work involves variables affecting outcome in DBT and Supportive Expressive Dynamic Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder. Zeynep worked under the supervision of Dr. Jacques Barber. 



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