November 3, 2016

Healthy Stress

Dr. Deborah Serani

Dr. Deborah Serani

Most adults avoid stress altogether, and the health drawbacks of too much stress are well documented. But stress in small doses isn’t such a bad thing, and as explained in a recent Reader’s Digest article, can be even be beneficial.

“Positive stress, known as ‘eustress,’ is an experience that offers a beneficial form of arousal,” explained Deborah Serani, Psy.D., adjunct professor in the Gordon F. Derner Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies. “Eustress motivates us, sharpens our senses, and helps us problem solve successfully.”

Dr. Serani is well known for her books on depression, two of which—Living with Depression and Depression and Your Child—have won Book of the Year awards.

Additional research and studies from professionals in the field highlight even more benefits of short-term stress in the Reader’s Digest article titled, “9 Surprising Ways Stress Is Good for Your Body.”


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