May 7, 2018

Helping Students Navigate Social Media Privacy

Social Media Privacy

In a world where the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal is causing people to pull the cord on social media, Sally Stieglitz, J.D., Adelphi University professor and subject librarian, has created the Social Media Privacy: Data Mining and Data Insecurity LibGuide on the Adelphi website, explaining how students can protect their privacy on social media.

“Librarians believe that confidentiality is essential for open inquiry and we strive to facilitate, not monitor, access to information,” explained Stieglitz. “Adelphi students thrive because the library provides them with access to ideas, resources and scholarship while respecting the privacy of their use of library resources.”

The LibGuide’s resources include a TED Talk video by Zeynep Tufekci, Ph.D., books like Discrimination and Privacy in the Information Society (Springer, 2013) and Data Love (Columbia University, 2016), government resources, and material about how to find scholarly and popular resources on data mining and data insecurity.

“Because information-seeking behaviors also take place outside the scope of the library’s resources, I teach students how to evaluate web resources for authenticity,” said Stieglitz. “I hope that these skills will also help them become savvy consumers of information and to consider carefully the information they share online and reflect thoughtfully on creating a digital presence that safeguards personal information.”

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