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Jim Oshinsky

Faculty, Adjunct Professor

Jim Oshinsky


November 20, 2015

Jim Oshinsky


Jim Oshinsky has a vision – that everyone is musical, and that improvisation is the bridge that can naturally connect one human being to another.  He has dedicated his life to musical labors of love – collaborating with master teachers of improvisation and documenting their inspirational work. Oshinsky is a dynamic and sincere teacher in his own right, presenting improvised music programs that are fun, deep, and accessible to people of all ages and all levels of musical experience.

In the give and take of everyday conversation, no one stops to wonder how we know how to take turns and react to each other’s words and thoughts.  Such simple exchanges also take place in music and rhythm. Some people fear improvisation as an intimidating concept when it is presented as a skill for only the most experienced and talented musicians in jazz or classical music.  But every made-up melody, every ditty hummed in the shower or drummed on the dashboard waiting for the light to change, starts as an improvisation. Our creativity is innate. Some of us specialize in creating music and become composers – improvising our creations, then honing the structure and form.  Many among us become acculturated away from direct musical experiences – we put down our instruments and lose touch with our creative sources.  But there is a way to reconnect…


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