Joel Weinberger, Ph.D.

Faculty, Professor

Joel Weinberger, Ph.D.


April 7, 2014

Joel Weinberger, Ph.D.


Joel Weinberger, Ph.D., a professor at the Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, is an expert in unconscious processes. He has conducted research in this area for about 20 years.

Recently, he teamed up with Young & Rubicam (Y&R), the advertising agency, to assess what people truly value and how that differs from what they claim to value. As part of the project, Dr. Weinberger tested 15 well-known brands, including Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, for their immediate emotional appeal.

In this video, Dr. Weinberger describes teaching undergraduates and Ph.D. candidates.

“You have to have a way of getting across to the students; otherwise, just hand them the book,” he said of his approach. He often uses humor to communicate information. “The rewarding aspect is the widening of the eyes that the undergraduates give me.” With Ph.D. candidates, he can profoundly affect the way they interpret media, such as movies and political advertisements. In addition to advising Ph.D. candidates, Dr. Weinberger has worked with undergraduate psychology majors as part of the Emerging Scholars Program.

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