Kristen Carew

Student, Transfer Student

Kristen Carew


March 19, 2015

Kristen Carew


Kristen Carew, a College of Arts and Sciences senior who transferred from Queens College, is putting her longtime passion for environmental awareness, climate change and sustainability into practice as an environmental studies major.

She’s also president of Adelphi’s Habitat for Humanity chapter and vice president of the Environmental Action Coalition. In addition, she serves as a peer assistant leader for incoming students.

Environmental studies is a fast-growing field that can lead to numerous career paths, a fact that can be overwhelming for some students. But Carew has not felt any of the pressure. “My professors and advisers have guided me all along to help me make the right decisions that are best for me,” she said. As a freshman in Queens College, she didn’t care for attending numerous classes in a 300-seat lecture hall. In a sea of faces, professors identified the students only by their Social Security number. She transferred to Adelphi’s College of Arts and Sciences in her freshman year.

Carew, who enjoys the personal, welcoming atmosphere at Adelphi, said of the faculty and advisers, “Their doors are always open and they are more than happy to sit down and talk with me and help me figure out what my goals are, and how to reach them.”

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