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Lisa Marrachino


March 5, 2018

Lisa Marrachino ’89

by Gabrielle Deonath

Lisa Marrachino is the CEO and founder of LiGit Solutions, a consulting firm that helps businesses establish themselves and reach their operational goals. Since graduating from Adelphi in 1989 with a major in banking and finance and a minor in philosophy, she has held various positions in different fields. Though she applied to Stanford Business School and was accepted, she chose to remain at the job she acquired post-graduation at Goldman Sachs, where she was offered a permanent position as a junior analyst.

After six years, she became a hedge fund analyst and partner at Palantir Capital. Later, she opened a restaurant called Spyglass in Westport, Conn. and started a clothing line with designer Clark Sabbat. As part of her role at LiGit Solutions, she served as the director of business develop at finance company SoFi in 2015.  

Lisa’s Tips for Survival in the Professional World and Adulting:

  1. “Nurture your network, and make sure that you’re really paying attention to people that you’re getting to know – not only in college but also in your work life.”
  2. “Balancing family, friends, your health and work is hard to do, but it is always a good idea to have some kind of balance in your life.”
  3. “Save your money along the way. Save, and invest wisely in things that you know. Even a little bit counts.”

Originally published in the Delphian Vol.73 Issue 8 – With updates made by Alumni Relations

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