October 14, 2013
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Aggressive Malware Warning


A new and very aggressive form of malware has been circulating on the Internet for the last week or two. The malware is called CryptoLocker, and, if infected, will hold all of the files stored on your computer hostage by encrypting them and deleting the original. The only way to regain control of your files is by paying a sizable amount of money to the criminals who operate the malware.

If all of your files are kept on your H-Drive, Adelphi IT will make daily backups of them. Files kept in “My Documents”, “My Pictures”, or anywhere else on your local computer are not backed up and cannot be recovered.

Please make sure to use the network drives that Adelphi IT provides. In the unlikely event of information loss as a result of a crashed drive, or, like in this case, through malicious malware, the data on your network drives will be protected. Any data kept on your C-drive may be permanently lost.

For any questions regarding this malware, please contact:

IT Help Desk

Phone: 516.877.3340
Live Chat:


Tagged: Office of Information Technology