October 18, 2018

New Password Management Process Helps Adelphi Stay Secure

by Aaron Hoberman

“I’m locked out of my account, can you help me reset my password?” It’s a message that the Help Desk receives multiple times a day, according to Charlie Kulins, the Help Desk manager.

Understanding the challenge that users encounter and how much time it can take up, the Office of Information Technology has implemented a new Password Management Tool that simplifies the process.

Statistics show that over 200 members of the Adelphi Community need help resetting their password each month, with that number plateauing in August, when 366 users required assistance.

Adopting industry best practices, the new self-service password reset puts control in users hands with a familiar approach. By registering your phone and email for recovery you’ll be able to reset your password at any time, without needing to contact the Help Desk. 

A bonus of registering for the new Password Management Tool is that students, faculty and staff gain access to a Microsoft Office Download for use on personal devices, adding to the robust offerings available in the IT Service Catalog.

The new Password Management Tool was introduced to campus just in time for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). In addition to being easier to change your password, the new method is more secure as well, removing security questions in favor of registering your phone and email.

Cybersecurity has been a top priority for some time, and the University has been a NCSAM Champion for 4 years running. Over the past year+ the Information Security team has been running a phishing awareness campaign for employees that’s seen overwhelmingly positive results, and the AdelphiTech Twitter and Instagram feeds consistently have cybersecurity tips and guidelines, with a #CyberAware campaign during the month of October.

Information security guidelines are always changing, and the new self-service password management process is one small step in an ongoing journey to tackle all cybersecurity threats.