April 22, 2015
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I Know: Scholarships Matter


Adelphi has a relatively high proportion of students who continue on to graduate school because so many are in or aspire to be in the helping professions. To assist them in their pursuits, we have created a series of bachelor-master’s connected programs to promote student success and progress toward and beyond the baccalaureate degree.

Many recent graduates have found that they need to pursue a graduate degree even if it is not related to their undergraduate degree. We see this especially for those who work in fields which require an advanced degree for credentialing or practice.  The second degree, however, can add to their expenses and could add to their debt. To help students who wish to pursue graduate degrees that we offer, we have created five-year baccalaureate to master’s degree options for which students can keep their undergraduate scholarship through to graduate degree completion.  To the extent that we can provide undergraduate scholarships to students, to that extent they are better equipped to proceed to graduate school and keep their overall expenses and debt levels manageable.

Another benefit from this approach is that students who receive scholarship support are more likely to feel grateful to the University, and often are more receptive to being engaged as volunteers, mentors to other students, and referrers of potential applicants. They also are more likely to become donors who support the Adelphi experience for current and future generations of students.

I know: Scholarships Matter.

Robert A. Scott
President of Adelphi University

Tagged: Office of University Advancement