Rosie Fodera, M.B.A. ’11

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Rosie Fodera


October 30, 2017

Rosie Fodera, M.B.A. ’11

by Gabrielle Deonath

Rosie Fodera is currently the director of finance, administration and operations for the marketing and communications division at the Mount Sinai Health System in Midtown West, Manhattan. She is responsible for budget and contract management, human resources and operations. Fodera has been with the Mount Sinai Health System for seven years, holding positions in both business and clinically driven areas.

Prior to joining Mount Sinai, Fodera held the positions of market data senior analyst and global vendor manager at Goldman Sachs. These roles encompassed the management and budget responsibilities of market data agreements for various divisions.

Fodera holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from Hofstra University, which she obtained in 2001, and earned a master’s degree in business administration from Adelphi University in 2011. At Adelphi, she was part of the accelerated MBA program, which primarily took place on the weekend.

In addition to working at Mount Sinai, Fodera is an avid photographer with an established photography business for over 10 years. She lives on Long Island and remains an active part of Adelphi’s alumni community. This year, Fodera worked to help the university receive internship credentials at Mount Sinai, meaning that interns are given their rightful recognition instead of being categorized as a volunteer.

Rosie’s Tips for Success as an Intern:

  1. “One mistake that I see some interns make is that if a project is done, people don’t ask for anything else. They don’t go above and beyond. Always go that extra mile. If you get a project done early and you have nothing going on for the rest of the day or the remainder of the week, you have to go up to your boss and ask, `What else can I help with?’ If you aren’t eager or you don’t look like you have a passion and drive for learning, you will be swept aside.”
  2. “Be prepared for meetings, take notes, ask questions and don’t be afraid to say that you don’t understand something. Silence is acceptance. If you stay silent, your manager or boss will think that you understand and know what your responsibilities are. Even adults don’t speak up enough when they don’t understand something in the workplace.”
  3. “In a skill set, organizational skills are important. It is all about organizational skills.”
  4. “Be humble and give back in your personal life and your professional life. You can’t forget where you came from, the school you went to. So many people helped me when I was young and still to this day, so when you have the opportunity to give back, you give back.”

Originally published in the Delphian Vol.73 Issue 4 – With updates made by Alumni Relations

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