November 21, 2018

Student Groups Debate Immigration

by Louis J. Pasquale ‘20

Student Groups Debate ImmigrationOn Wednesday, November 14, 2018, the College Republicans and College Democrats held a well-attended debate on campus. They discussed the contentious issue of immigration. Each side was allotted a fixed period of time to present their arguments. After their time expired, the other side was allowed to respond. This was followed by questions from the audience. One of the many highlights of this debate was a rather intense discussion on the issue of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The College Democrats vehemently asserted that our immigration laws need to be revised to reflect our values and roots as a nation built by immigrants. On the contrary, the College Republicans appeared to be divided on the issue, as some of them agreed with the idea of a path to citizenship, while others maintained that our immigration laws need to be tightened.

Despite the marked disagreement between the two organizations regarding immigration, this event can be seen as a success: each group made clear their stance on the issues in a diplomatic manner, while also being receptive to the input of the audience.

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