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Teresa Chery '14: Finding Her Calling


Teresa Chery


August 13, 2015

Teresa Chery '14: Finding Her Calling


By Joshua King

Having recently graduated from Adelphi’s University College with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, counselor and mother Teresa Chery decided that a master’s degree would be the next step in her journey.

Chery began her studies at Nassau Community College before starting a degree program at Adelphi in 2012. The flexibility and reputation of University College motivated her to fit the program around her home life. “I have met many friends who have become very successful within their chosen career as a result of attending Adelphi,” Chery said. “I am a single parent as well and needed to stay close to my children. I just saw myself as a student here.”

During her time at Adelphi, Chery found the atmosphere so suited to her aspirations that she decided to apply for her M.S.W. “I decided to stay because I had a great experience with everyone, from administration to the instructors. It continues to be the school that will give me a great education as a social worker.”

Chery is particularly interested in treating the elderly and adolescents. After graduating from Adelphi, she took a job as a counselor with Outreach Project, an organization, located in the Ridgewood section of Queens, dedicated to rehabilitating and training teenagers suffering with alcohol and substance abuse problems. “Adelphi gave me the pertinent information which I can utilize to be successful in my chosen career,” she said. “I help [the adolescents] understand the seriousness of the disease itself and how everyone around them is affected and the consequences of their actions.”

Through the program, Chery has managed to balance the pursuit of her desired career with being a mother. Her decision to continue her studies is due to her passion for helping others.

“I don’t just want to achieve an education; I want to help my children for the future,” she said. “Being an Adelphi student has given me confidence in myself and helped me conquer some fears. It has allowed me to open my mind to many things I was unaware of for many years.

“Growing up in a home of confusion and discomfort, it was very difficult to express myself, which later affected my life,” she added. “Once my life was in order, I knew I was destined to help someone else.”

Chery has high aspirations in her career, and plans to continue her success in the social work sector long after she has graduated with her master’s degree. “I want to be effective within a community and make a difference in the lives of many,” she said. And she is well on the path to doing so.

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