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January 23, 2020

UC Progress Update

Dear Adelphi Community,

As we move into the spring semester, we are pleased to report significant progress on the renovation of the Ruth S. Harley University Center. During intersession, significant progress was made, including the erection of the steel frames of the east addition, facing Parking Lot 2, and the west addition, facing Levermore Hall. Before that construction could happen, however, a tremendous amount of work had to take place within and around the UC. Even during the week of Christmas and New Year’s Day, workers were on-site, making each day a day closer to completion. Here’s an update of what has happened at the UC since before the holidays:


As we reported in the most recent UC Progress update, interior demolition and rebuilding has been staged from the third floor, progressed to the second, then first, then lower levels. Before the holidays, the third floor walls had been framed and sheetrock installed. Since then, the contractors have:

  • Framed, sheetrocked, spackled and taped the walls on the second floor;
  • Framed and sheetrocked the soffits on the second floor;
  • Repaired interior bricks on the second floor, as needed; and
  • Framed the walls on the top half of the Thomas Dixon Lovely Ballroom.

They have also:

  • Framed, sheetrocked, spackled and taped the walls on the first floor;
  • Installed ductwork on the first floor;
  • Begun the installation of terrazzo flooring on the first floor;
  • Begun installing ceramic tiles in the bathrooms; and
  • Worked on existing window details to prepare for new window design.


The new UC will feature new, modern infrastructure. To date:

  • All underground mechanical, electrical and plumbing work was completed in preparation for the pouring of concrete slabs for the ground floors of the east and west additions.
  • Installation and insulation of ductwork has continued through the first floor.
  • Plumbing and electrical lines have been run throughout the building.
  • Mechanical and plumbing pipes have been insulated.
  • A sprinkler pipe has been installed for the fire suppression system and flow tests of the system have begun.
  • The concrete elevator enclosure has been poured, extending from the lower level to the roof.
  • The footing for the service elevator has been created.
  • Overhead mechanical and electrical equipment and plumbing are in place over the Thomas Dixon Lovely Ballroom.

East Addition (facing Parking Lot 2)

  • With underground infrastructure in place, the ground was prepared for the pouring of the concrete slab for the ground floor.
  • The steel frame has been erected.
  • The installation of corrugated sheet metal decking is underway.

West Addition (facing Levermore Hall)

  • As with the east addition, the even larger west addition is well underway.
  • Underground infrastructure is in place, and the concrete slab has been poured to form the ground floor.
  • Steel was delivered, and a pad was created to accommodate a large crane that would lift the steel into place.
  • The steel frame has been erected.
  • The installation of corrugated sheet metal decking is underway.

Other Exterior Work

  • Masonry walls have been installed at the loading dock, where a new receiving door has been cut into the exterior wall of the building.
  • The UC’s foundation walls have been insulated and waterproofed.
  • Excavation for the primary electrical duct bank and generator service is complete.
  • A transformer vault has been constructed.
  • Dry wells have been installed on the east side.
  • A new curb cut was created along South Avenue to service the loading dock.

We are very excited to see the tremendous progress on this major building renovation. You can see photos of this work on the UC Progress website by clicking on the Photos and Live Feed link, where you can View the Full Photo Gallery or watch the real-time webcam.

Soon the building will be enclosed to protect the interior from the winter elements. Though they won’t be visible from the outside once it’s sealed off, workers will continue to build out the interior throughout the winter, with more exterior and landscaping work to follow when the warm weather returns.

You can expect to receive monthly updates going forward, and we will continue to post time-sensitive notices on the Campus Alerts page. In addition, we encourage you to utilize the AU2GO mobile app, where you can enable push notifications for the topics that are important to you.

We are always interested to hear your feedback, so if you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to email


The UC Progress Team

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