January 31, 2019

Why Not Hire a Panther?

When ReginaLena McManus ’19, a member of Levermore Global Scholars chose to double major in biology and anthropology she knew a plethora of opportunities would come her way. Getting experience working in these fields would only further her passion for them.

Since Fall ‘16, she has participated in Adelphi’s Center for Career and Professional Development internship program Hire a Panther, which partners with faculty and administrators to provide students with on-campus experiential learning opportunities.

Students are working on a range of projects from conducting research, like ReginaLena to providing tutoring to students in the Department of Languages or helping faculty prepare students for ReginaLena McManusproductions in the Dance Department.

“This innovative program is a win-win for participants,” said associate director of experiential learning Bernadine Waller, LMHC, PhD Candidate. “Students are provided with opportunities to complete cutting edge projects while under the mentorship of faculty partners. Our faculty and administrator partners are provided with highly skilled students that they select.”

“Not only are our student participants reflecting great outcomes, securing scholarships to some of the top institutions across the country, faculty members are getting much-needed assistance with their scholarly work,” Waller said.

Working alongside Professor Michael D’Emic, PhD, in the Paleontology lab, McManus was responsible for analyzing and categorizing bone fragments. She also had the chance to work with the Dragon Fly Program creating CT scans from bones.

“I’ve learned to use so many different types of techniques that I’ve really gained an appreciation for the preparatory work that is done in museums,” she said.

McManus attributes much of her success in the program to the help of Professor D’Emic. “The first summer between the two years I worked with him I had an opportunity to go to Utah which was useful because it was my first field school experience,” she said.

Being able to do hands-on research was important considering her heavy work load. “I’ve had a delayed introduction to research but through the program I has an opportunity to do work-study and research at the same time,” she said.

With the experience she has gained, she hopes to become a part of the Geo Scientists in the Park fellowship through the National Park service. She is also considering being an educator of scientific or environmental education.

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