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Opt-In Form for Adelphi Experts

Adelphi’s people are our most extraordinary asset.

As we work to expand awareness of Adelphi, it is increasingly important that we showcase the expertise of our faculty and staff. Creating opportunities for faculty and staff members to speak to the media as subject experts is one important way we can do that. Another is to identify speaking engagements—with high schools and community colleges, community and business groups, libraries, etc.—for Adelphi experts. Toward these ends, we are developing a comprehensive experts list that will be available to the media and other organizations that are seeking speakers.

We invite all members of the faculty and staff to use the form below to opt in to the new experts and speakers database. The University communications team will work closely with the media and the Adelphi admissions office to identify opportunities that align with your area of expertise.

You can opt in to speak to media, local community or business groups, high school or community college classes, or all three.

Thank you in advance to all who join in this effort.


For further information, please contact:

Taylor Damian
Associate Director for Media Relations 
p – 516.877.4040
e –